“It’s amazing how much we can accomplish with respect and collaboration” – RB


Thank you, Delray Beach.

On March 13th WE won Seat 3. The ballot said Boylston but it was a team effort like I have never seen in an election before. You, our city, came out in record numbers and showed true political engagement. That being said, we cannot allow any future elections to happen in the divisive, negative atmosphere we witnessed this cycle. Like I told my team many times throughout this election, we are a Village by the Sea. Being a Village by the Sea is about more than the beach or the size of our community; it’s about how we take care of each other and the responsibility we have to truth, civility, and decency. Whether in an election cycle or not, we must treat each other better — on social media and in person. Let’s hit the reset button — today is a new day — let’s start fresh and lead by example to make a #BetterDelray.

In the coming weeks, I will have more to say about the campaign and what lies ahead as I represent you on the dais and in the community. For now, I want to say THANK YOU.

My Wife and Children
The saying goes – “Behind every great man is a great woman!” Well, in our case we stand side by side – and work every day to be a great couple and great parents. This past few months pushed us pretty hard. It was far longer and far more intense than either of us thought it would be. Cassidee not only supported me, she also pushed me. When I was willing to miss an event to allow her some downtime – she wouldn’t have it. She worked harder than me during this campaign. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met and I am lucky to spend every day by her side. My kids missed me and I missed them. They were champs though and made sure I left every day with a “Go gettem Daddy” and not a “We miss you, please stay Daddy.” This alone gave me the energy to keep going! THANK YOU CASSIDEE, PRESTON, ELLIOTT, and MADELYN. LOVE YOU!

My family is my rock. From my parents to siblings, to aunts, uncles, cousins… they were all involved. Thank you for the support. Not just during this campaign, but in life. You are the reason I can aim high and accomplish what I set my mind to. Whether it is starting a business, running for office, installing a zip line, or throwing a surprise party – you are there to help me out. THANK YOU… and LOVE YOU!

Out of the gate, you do not need signs, mailers, or guidance on your next endorsement interview. You need support, emotional and financial. Every candidate needs to have a solid group of residents and business owners behind them when they make the decision to run for office. By the end, we had close to 150 individual contributions to the campaign, more than 100 endorsements, more than 50 video testimonials and more than 4,500 who showed their support in voting Boylston. To everyone who contributed to my campaign – THANK YOU.

*Special thank you to all of the people who have guided me during this campaign and the years leading up to it. My civic resume wasn’t built overnight. It is a culmination of getting involved and having leaders in our community put their trust in me. If you have ever appointed me, invited me, called me with advice or introduced me to someone over the past 8 plus years – THANK YOU.

Asking for someone’s time is one of the hardest things to do. As someone who sacrificed a lot of family time over the past few months, I know how valuable that time is. To the people who donated their nights and weekends, used a vacation day on election day, made hundreds of phone calls, knocked on strangers’ doors, held signs for hours…. and the list goes on. – THANK YOU.

Easily, one of my favorite parts of this campaign was being invited into people’s homes or businesses to meet Delray Beach residents. With a population of 65,000 people, it is near impossible to shake every hand. Yet, with your help – I was able to meet a dozen people at once and have personal one-to-one conversations about specific community-related topics. Not only did you organize and dedicate an evening to the campaign, but you also put your (family’s or business’s) stamp of approval on me. For that I say – THANK YOU.

My Campaign Team and Flose Boursiquot (my rockstar campaign manager)
“I am not a politician” is a line I stated a few times during this election. I am a leader who wants to create positive change in our city. However, to get there, I had to win. Without this duo – that would not have happened. They were with me every step of the way, providing strategic guidance but always encouraging me to stay true to myself. I made some great friends, we had some great fun, and we got the job done. From the beginning, they told me “We are going to run a strong strategic campaign. You are going to listen to us, and we are going to listen to you. That is how we are going to win.” Well… we did – and for that I say… THANK YOU.

Woo Creative Team
There was no way I was going to let anyone other than Team Woo design my campaign materials. I believe that the Woo team is the best at what they do. With little to no campaign experience, they used every tool in the toolbox to help me get elected. They are an incredible team and stayed professional the entire campaign. Even when one of their own was getting beat up on Facebook, they stayed the course. It must also be mentioned that they held down the fort while I dedicated more time than I originally thought to the campaign. Woo… THANK YOU.

During this election, there were a ton of businesses that helped me along the way. As much as I wanted to share their names, I also wanted to protect them from an election that was at times, unfriendly to the business community. Below are the teams behind the team.

  • Studio Baral – http://studiobaral.com/
    • Want to know who made those amazing campaign videos? Well, now you do. Luis Baraldi is a Delray local, parent and business owner. Give him a call for your next video!
  • Customize That! – http://www.customizethatdelray.com/
    • From the beginning, we had some great “swag.” That is thanks to local business owner Brad Cubbage. Shirts, hats and other promo items. Right here in Delray Beach.
  • Sign-a-rama Delray Beach – https://www.signarama.com/fl-boca-raton-delray-beach
    • We use these for all our signage needs at Woo Creative. They can deliver whatever we dream up. Even if its 8ft tall cutouts of me and my family. 🙂
  • EliteStar Photography – EliteStarBooking@gmail.com
    • Anna Bock captured it all. She was not only at our events snapping professional photos but also caught me a few times out in the “wild” and made sure to catch those moments too. Anna is local and ready to shoot your next event.
  • Ocean City Graphics – http://www.oceancitygraphics.com/
    • Jim Hazelwood personally takes care of a lot of local printing for us – and he can for you too. His customer service is top notch.
  • Delivery Dudes – https://deliverydudes.com/
    • Thank you for sponsoring our Young Professional Meet and Greet. No one delivers food and happiness better than the dudes!
  • Subculture Restaurant Group (Dada and Honey) – https://sub-culture.org/
    • Thank you for not only openly supporting my campaign, but for hosting our election night event. It was the perfect atmosphere and allowed us to use funds to get a few last second messages across.
  • Anneze Barthelemy of Radio Mondial (101.1FM) and Carl with Afternoon Drive of WPBR 96.1FM
    • Thank you for having me on your shows and providing a very important platform for our campaign message
  • Matchpoint
    • Thank you for ensuring that your volunteers knew about my campaign and were able to hear my message.

Let’s get started.

I am not one to sit on the sidelines, especially when it comes to Delray. I roll up my sleeves, collaborate with others and get things done. I’m running for City Commission to bring new leadership, fresh ideas and renewed energy to the City Commission.

Join me and let’s work together for Delray.

Let’s get started.

I am not one to sit on the sidelines, especially when it comes to Delray. I roll up my sleeves, collaborate with others and get things done. I’m running for City Commission to bring new leadership, fresh ideas and renewed energy to the City Commission.

Join me and let’s work together for Delray.

7 Major Endorsements
& Counting

Endorsed by eight major organizations, five former Mayors and over 100 community leaders

Over 50 Video

Watch the growing list of community leaders recording video testimonials for Ryan.

Making things happen
in Delray

Checkout a timeline of the past 8+ years of Ryan Boylston in the community.

Experience with results.

Giving back to our community through civil engagement started the day I moved to Delray:

  • Downtown Development Authority (6 yrs)
  • Chairman of DDA 2016-2017
  • Education Board Member (2017-Present)
  • Pineapple Grove Vice Chair (4 yrs)
  • Plumosa School of the Arts Foundation Chairman

Get involved. Sign up to volunteer.

You can help Ryan in any of the following ways:

• Host a meet and greet
• Help the campaign raise funds
• Put up a yard sign
• Make phone calls
• Door-to-door canvassing
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