Ryan’s endorsements.

Northwest Southwest Community Endorses Ryan – “We believe ‘his’ articulation of the principles of The Sets’ Transformation Plan will help this community implement those shared ideals that represent the Vision of Delray Beach.”

Florida Public Service Union Workers Endorses Ryan – “…committed to uniting working families to improve the quality of services our members provide as well as the quality of life for our families and the communities…”

Realtors of the Palm Beaches Endorses Ryan – “Ryan has extensive knowledge of local government, having served on numerous municipal boards and serving as Chair of the Downtown Development Authority.”


The Sun Sentinel Endorses Ryan – “…has an impressive record of civic involvement” and that our city would “benefit from having a downtown business owner on the commission.”

The Palm Beach Post Endorses Ryan – “…his ties to downtown interests won’t prevent him from focusing on the city’s broader needs.”

Mayor Jay Alperin Endorses Ryan – “As past mayors, we understand the commitment and dedication required to be a successful elected official. Ryan has what it takes.”

Mayor Rita Ellis Endorses Ryan – “As a member of the city’s Education Board, Ryan is chairing the effort to create a new vision for our schools.”

Mayor Tom Lynch Endorses Ryan – “Ryan is a passionate and dedicated community volunteer, a talented entrepreneur, a committed father and a devoted husband. He is a good man. He loves Delray Beach.”

Mayor Jeff Perlman Endorses Ryan – “Ryan Boylston is a promising young leader, brimming with ideas that will ensure that our city has a bright future. He is also a good listener.”

Mayor David W. Schmidt Endorses Ryan – “He has been involved in countless causes and has a keen understanding and great working relationship with key nonprofits and organizations in Delray Beach.”

Mayor Nelson “Woodie” McDuffie Endorses Ryan – “He has a deep appreciation for Delray’s history and the unique challenges that we face.”

100+ Community Leaders.

A.J. Ripin
Alexander Duyos
Andrew Heist
Angie Gray
Architec Brands
Ari Whiteman
Ashley Bissing
Barry Haimo
Bill Branning
Bob Currie
Brian Rosen
Bruce Bastian
Bruce Tucker
Bryan Miller
Bryce Sartory
Bud Kennett
Carol Norton
Cathy Balesterie
Chris Brisson
Christina Morrison
Christopher Noe
Chuck  Halberg
Connor Lynch
Craig Spodak
Dale Morrison
Daniela Santos
Dave Sneiderman

David Beale
David Thomas
Debbie Stackhouse
Deborah Dowd
Dennis Max
Diane Franco
Donna Purre
Douglas Feldman
Dupree Jackson
Ericka Pierce
Fatima Grady
Flose Boursiquot
Fran Marincola
Frank Frione
Gavin Robin
Gene Fisher
Glayson LeRoy
Hank Davis
Heather Melman
Heather Walker
Ian Caven
Jack Maloney
Jacqueline Morocco
James Harvey
Jarrod White
Jeff Perlman

Jenna Miller
Jenna Sellers Miller
Jessica Rosato
Jestena Boughton
Joe Gille
Joe Russo
Jonathan Berg
Jordana Jarjura
Julia Warnke
Julie Mullen
Karen Granger
Kate Volman
Kelli Freeman
Kellie Sherman
Kilburn Sherman
Kort Kramer
Kristi Vick
Kristi Vick
Lee Cohen
Limor Ben Ari
Luís F Baraldi
Margie Walden
Matt Gracey
Max Friedman
Melissa Shernoff

Michael Perlman
Nancy Stewart
Nick Stump
Noelle McIntyre
Noreen Payne
Officer John Boylston
Peter Arts
Peter Pereira
Rebecca Loveless
Reggie Cox
Rick Caster
Roney Pongnon
Russell Jennings
Sally Kauffman
Sarah Martin
Scott Porten
Sue Tauriello
Susan Andrws
Susie Fernandes
Suzanne Spencer
Todd L’Herrou
Tom Fleming
William Morris
Yvonne Odom
Zachary Kaye
Zack Purdo